Roland Frasier - Epic Challenge

Roland Frasier – Epic Challenge

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Roland Frasier – Ethical Profits in Crisis Accelerator

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Roland Frasier - Ethical Profits in Crisis Accelerator Update 1

Roland Frasier – Epic Elite Accelerator (August 2022)

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Experience the transformative power of Roland Frasier’s Epic Elite Accelerator, an 8-week LIVE mentoring program designed to elevate your business acquisition skills to unprecedented heights. Delve into the nuances of finding, funding, and finalizing lucrative deals with expert guidance and comprehensive resources.

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Roland Frasier Epic Elite Accelerator: A Game-Changing Mentorship Program


Welcome to the ultimate guide to Roland Frasier’s Epic Elite Accelerator, an innovative and transformative mentoring program designed to elevate your business acquisition skills to unprecedented levels. In this comprehensive overview, we delve deep into the intricacies of this accelerator, exploring its core components, benefits, and the invaluable knowledge it offers to aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike.

Unveiling the Power of the Epic Elite Accelerator

At the heart of Roland Frasier’s Epic Elite Accelerator lies an 8-week LIVE mentoring program, meticulously crafted to provide participants with unparalleled insights, strategies, and tactics essential for success in the realm of business acquisition. This accelerator serves as a beacon of guidance, offering a structured approach towards identifying, approaching, and closing lucrative deals.

Week 1-2: THINK

The journey begins with a profound exploration of the Dealmaker’s Brain, empowering participants with a comprehensive understanding of strategic thinking and decision-making processes. Through Structure Mastery and an extensive array of 50 Deal Blueprints, individuals are equipped with the tools necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of business acquisition with precision and confidence.

Week 3-4: FIND

In Weeks 3 and 4, the focus shifts towards the art of identifying promising opportunities. With access to 77 Deal Sources and a Pushbutton Deal-flow mechanism, participants gain unparalleled access to a wealth of potential acquisitions. Screening Checklists and the Analyst’s Toolkit further streamline the process, ensuring that only the most viable prospects are pursued.

Week 5-6: FUND

Weeks 5 and 6 are dedicated to the critical aspect of funding acquisitions. Through 159 $0 Down Strategies and insights into 5,690 Funding Sources, participants learn to leverage innovative financing techniques to acquire businesses without significant upfront investment. Offer Creation Checklists and meticulous attention to Data Rooms and Escrows ensure seamless transactional processes.

Week 7-8: BUY

The culmination of the program unfolds in Weeks 7 and 8, where participants embark on the journey of finalizing acquisitions. Armed with 43 Agreements, Templates, and Checklists, individuals navigate the complexities of due diligence and post-close integration with ease and efficiency. This phase marks the realization of their entrepreneurial ambitions as they consummate transformative deals.

Unlocking Limitless Potential: Bonuses Galore with Roland Frasier

In addition to the core curriculum, participants of the Epic Elite Accelerator are bestowed with an array of bonuses designed to amplify their success:

  • Comprehensive Checklists and Templates: With 57 meticulously crafted documents at their disposal, participants are guided through every step of the acquisition process, ensuring clarity and confidence at every juncture.
  • Insightful Deal Blueprints: Delve into 50 Deal Blueprints, offering invaluable insights into diverse opportunities and strategies, empowering participants to make informed decisions.
  • Real-World Case Studies: Explore 21 Case Studies showcasing innovative $0 out of pocket deal structures, providing inspiration and guidance for creative acquisition endeavors.
  • Extensive Deal Sources: Gain access to 153 Deal Sources and a robust deal automation strategy, enabling participants to tap into a vast pool of opportunities and cherry-pick the most lucrative prospects.
  • Innovative Funding Solutions: With 159 different $0 out of pocket deal funding tools, participants have a plethora of financing options at their disposal, facilitating the creation of a robust “deal stack” to fund their acquisitions.


In essence, Roland Frasier’s Epic Elite Accelerator transcends traditional mentorship programs, offering a holistic and immersive learning experience tailored to the unique needs of aspiring business acquirers. Through a blend of comprehensive curriculum, live mentoring sessions, and invaluable bonuses, participants are empowered to navigate the complex landscape of business acquisition with confidence, precision, and unparalleled success. Embrace the opportunity to unlock your full potential and embark on a transformative journey towards entrepreneurial excellence with the Epic Elite Accelerator.

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