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Marcus Pereira – eBay Dropshipping Academy 2.0

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Unlock the secrets to eBay dropshipping success with Marcus Pereira’s comprehensive eBay Dropshipping Academy 2.0. Master every aspect from setting up your eBay store to scaling your profits, all guided by expert strategies.

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Maximizing Success: The Ultimate Guide to Marcus Pereira’s eBay Dropshipping Academy 2.0

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Marcus Pereira’s eBay Dropshipping Academy 2.0. Whether you’re new to eBay dropshipping or aiming to scale your existing business, this guide provides a detailed roadmap to help you succeed.

Introduction and Foundation

Welcome to eBay Dropshipping

Marcus Pereira’s eBay Dropshipping Academy 2.0 offers a transformative journey into the world of eBay dropshipping. By mastering the intricacies of this business model, you’ll unlock new opportunities for financial growth and independence.

The Process and What to Expect

Understand the step-by-step process outlined in Marcus Pereira’s course, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge needed to navigate each phase effectively.


Developing the right mindset is crucial for success in eBay dropshipping. Marcus Pereira emphasizes the importance of resilience, adaptability, and strategic thinking to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Learn from the pitfalls commonly encountered by dropshippers, ensuring you can navigate your eBay journey with confidence and efficiency.

Setting Up Your Accounts

Creating Your eBay Account

A detailed guide on setting up your eBay seller account, optimizing it for maximum visibility and sales conversion.

Creating A Shopback Account + BONUS

Discover the added benefits of integrating Shopback into your eBay dropshipping strategy, enhancing profitability through cashback incentives.

Buying an eBay Store

Explore the advantages of purchasing an established eBay store versus starting from scratch, and how to make the most of this investment.

eBay Store v No Store

Analyze the pros and cons of having an eBay store versus operating without one, helping you make an informed decision aligned with your business goals.

eBay Promos and How to Utilize Them

Strategies for leveraging eBay promotions to boost sales and attract more customers to your listings.

What to Do If UNDER 18 Years Old

Guidance tailored for young entrepreneurs looking to venture into eBay dropshipping, navigating age-related restrictions and permissions.

Tracking Profits

Effective methods for tracking and analyzing your eBay dropshipping profits, ensuring financial transparency and strategic decision-making.

Increasing Selling Limits + SCRIPT

Proven techniques to increase your eBay selling limits, essential for scaling your dropshipping business and maximizing revenue potential.


An overview of tax implications for eBay dropshippers, ensuring compliance and optimizing financial planning strategies.

Which Marketplace to Sell On

Comparative analysis of different marketplaces, helping you choose the most suitable platform to maximize your sales and reach.

How To Live Chat eBay

Tips and scripts for effective live chat communication with eBay support, resolving issues promptly and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Getting Paid

Managed Payments & Signing Up

Navigating eBay’s managed payments system, streamlining payment processes for enhanced financial management and efficiency.

Avoiding Bans & Suspensions

WATCH A Common Suspension

Insights into common reasons for eBay suspensions and proactive measures to avoid account penalties and disruptions.

When You Make A New Account

Best practices for setting up a new eBay account to minimize suspension risks and ensure long-term operational stability.

Avoiding Suspension & Bans

Strategies for maintaining compliance with eBay’s policies, safeguarding your account against suspensions and bans.


Understanding the implications of an MC011 notice and steps to resolve compliance issues swiftly and effectively.

Finding And Sourcing Products

Do NOT Overcomplex It

Simplified approaches to product sourcing, avoiding unnecessary complexities to streamline your eBay dropshipping operations.

Not Sure Where To Start? Do These Steps

Step-by-step guidance for beginners in product sourcing, ensuring a structured approach to finding profitable items for resale.

My PERSONAL Top 10 Used Suppliers

Revealing Marcus Pereira’s top suppliers for sourcing used products, leveraging trusted sources for consistent inventory and profitability.

Product Research – Reverse Sniping

Advanced techniques for reverse sniping, uncovering lucrative product opportunities by analyzing competitor strategies in reverse.

Product Research – Sniping Sellers

Effective methods for product sniping, identifying high-demand items listed by successful sellers for profitable resale opportunities.

Advanced Competitor Research

Strategies for in-depth competitor analysis, gaining insights into competitor pricing strategies and market positioning to refine your own approach.

STEROIDS ZikAnalytics – Sniping Sellers

Harnessing the power of ZikAnalytics for enhanced seller sniping capabilities, maximizing your product sourcing efficiency and profitability.

Finding Products LIVE

Real-time strategies for discovering trending products, ensuring you stay ahead in a dynamic marketplace environment.

How To Find NEW Suppliers

Exploring avenues for expanding your supplier network, securing new sources for diverse product offerings and competitive pricing advantages.

BONUS Using Competitors To Make $1000

Innovative tactics for leveraging competitor data to generate additional revenue, capitalizing on market insights for strategic growth.

How To Scale From $0-$10k/m

Proven methodologies for scaling your eBay dropshipping revenue from initial setup to achieving substantial monthly sales figures.

LIVE Auditing Your Store

Guidelines for conducting a comprehensive store audit, optimizing your eBay storefront for improved visibility and sales performance.

Listing Products

Listing Products Manually

Step-by-step instructions for manually listing products on eBay, optimizing listings for maximum search visibility and buyer engagement.

Listing Sniped Products

Strategies for listing sniped products effectively, maximizing profitability through strategic product listing and pricing strategies.

Shipping Settings

Optimizing eBay shipping settings for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, enhancing customer satisfaction through reliable shipping options.

Running The Business From Your Mobile

Tools and tips for managing your eBay dropshipping business efficiently from mobile devices, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Listing Products On Your Mobile

Guidance on listing products directly from your mobile device, leveraging mobile tools for on-the-go business management.

SEO Your Listing Title & Cover Photo

Techniques for optimizing listing titles and cover photos for enhanced search engine visibility and click-through rates on eBay.

Best Pricing Strategy

Strategic approaches to pricing your eBay listings competitively, balancing profitability with market demand and buyer expectations.

Sponsored & Promoted Listings

Utilizing eBay’s sponsored and promoted listings features to increase product visibility and drive targeted traffic to your listings.

Why You Should List Daily

The benefits of daily listing practices on eBay, boosting store visibility, sales momentum, and algorithmic favorability.

Listings Not Showing

Troubleshooting tips for resolving listing visibility issues on eBay, ensuring your products are effectively displayed to potential buyers.

Fulfilling Orders

How To Fulfil Orders

Efficient order fulfillment strategies for eBay dropshippers, ensuring prompt shipment and positive buyer experiences.

Bonus Profit Through Shopback

Maximizing profit margins with Shopback incentives, leveraging cashback opportunities for additional revenue generation.

Bonus Profit Through Gift Cards

Strategies for leveraging gift card promotions to increase profitability in eBay dropshipping operations.

Dealing With An Out Of Stock Order + SCRIPT

Proactive approaches and scripts for managing out-of-stock orders on eBay, maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

What To Do When A Product Is Out Of Stock

Strategies for handling inventory shortages and out-of-stock situations on eBay, minimizing impact on sales and buyer trust.

What To Do When A Supplier Changes Price

Navigating price fluctuations from suppliers, strategies for adapting pricing strategies on eBay to maintain profitability and competitiveness.

Returns & Refunds

Best practices for handling returns and refunds on eBay, ensuring compliance with eBay policies and maintaining positive seller metrics.

Uploading Tracking Numbers

Efficient methods for uploading and managing tracking numbers on eBay, providing transparency and enhancing buyer satisfaction.

NEW Tracking Rule

Understanding eBay’s latest tracking rules and compliance requirements, ensuring adherence to marketplace standards.

What To Do If A Buyer Does Not Pay

Guidance on handling unpaid items and non-paying buyers on eBay, minimizing impact on seller metrics and operational efficiency.

Customer Service

Common Customer Inquiries

Addressing frequently asked questions and customer inquiries on eBay, providing timely and informative responses to enhance buyer satisfaction.

Maintaining Good Seller Metrics

Strategies for optimizing seller metrics on eBay, fostering trust and credibility with buyers and improving marketplace visibility.

Item Not Received Cases

Proactive approaches to resolving item not received cases on eBay, minimizing disputes and maintaining positive seller performance.

Buyer Asked To Cancel Their Order

Handling buyer requests for order cancellations on eBay, ensuring smooth transaction management and positive buyer interactions.


What Is Feedback And Why Does It Matter

Understanding the importance of feedback in eBay dropshipping, its impact on seller reputation, and strategies for leveraging feedback to boost sales.

How To Avoid Negative Feedback

Proactive measures to prevent negative feedback on eBay, strategies for resolving issues and maintaining positive buyer relationships.

Removing ANY Negative Feedback

Steps for appealing and removing negative feedback on eBay, protecting seller reputation and enhancing marketplace credibility.

How To Get More Positive Feedback

Strategies for soliciting positive feedback on eBay, fostering buyer satisfaction and improving seller metrics to drive sales.

How Feedback Increases Sales

The correlation between positive feedback and sales performance on eBay, maximizing feedback strategies for sustained business growth.

Bonus Topics

How To Become A Top Rated Seller

Strategies and criteria for achieving Top Rated Seller status on eBay, maximizing visibility and credibility among buyers.

Low Performing Listings

Identifying and revitalizing low-performing listings on eBay, strategies for improving visibility and sales conversion rates.

GST Exemption On Fees (IF Eligible)

Navigating GST exemption eligibility for eBay sellers, optimizing financial management and compliance with tax regulations.

Is Your eBay Account Flagged?

Indicators and actions to address flagged eBay accounts, ensuring operational continuity and compliance with marketplace policies.

BONUS How To Fix Low Ranking Listings

Strategies for improving the ranking of underperforming listings on eBay, enhancing visibility and

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