David Kollar - Max Conversion Shopify Course

David Kollar – Max Conversion Shopify Course

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Dylan Sigley – Drop Servicing Blueprint 2.0 (Completed Version)

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Dylan Sigley - Drop Servicing Blueprint 2.0 (Completed Version)

Derek Johanson – CopyHour

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Transform your copywriting skills with Derek Johanson’s CopyHour. This comprehensive 90-day course offers hands-on experience, guiding you through the essentials of persuasive writing. Master research, crafting offers, captivating headlines, compelling sales arguments, and effective closing strategies. Enroll now and elevate your copywriting prowess.

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Derek Johanson - CopyHour Proof
Derek Johanson – CopyHour Proof

Transform Your Copywriting with Derek Johanson’s CopyHour

Introduction to Derek Johanson’s CopyHour

Unlock the secrets of persuasive writing that converts with Derek Johanson’s CopyHour, a breakthrough course meticulously designed to elevate your copywriting skills over a transformative 90-day period. Unlike any other program in the crowded sphere of copywriting education, CopyHour offers an immersive experience that revolutionizes your approach to creating compelling sales copy. By integrating traditional learning with rigorous, hands-on practice, this course empowers you to craft messages that sell and forge deep connections with your audience.

A Distinctive Journey to Copywriting Excellence

Derek Johanson distinguishes his course with a unique pedagogical approach centered on learning by doing. This innovative method involves participants in meticulously hand-copying successful sales copies from esteemed craft masters. This hands-on practice ensures that the fundamental principles of persuasive writing are internalized, enabling you to produce more impactful and compelling copy.

Structured Learning for Comprehensive Skill Development

The CopyHour curriculum is thoughtfully divided into six comprehensive modules, each designed to progressively build a robust foundation in copywriting by covering all essential aspects of the discipline:

Research Module: Laying the Groundwork

Dive into advanced research techniques, including leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT, to uncover deep insights into customer pain points and desires, setting the stage for targeted and relevant copy. This module ensures you are equipped with the skills to gather essential information, understand your market, and build a strong foundation for your sales messages.

Offer Crafting Module: Perfecting the Art of Persuasion

Master the art of creating irresistible offers by skillfully distinguishing between features and benefits. This module ensures your copy vividly communicates value and addresses your audience’s deepest needs, making your product or service an attractive proposition they cannot refuse.

Headlines & Leads Module: Captivating from the Start

Learn the secrets to crafting captivating headlines and engaging leads. This module guides you through various lead types and techniques to initiate your sales message effectively, capturing attention and interest from the very first line.

Sales Arguments Module: Building a Compelling Case

Gain expertise in constructing compelling sales arguments. This module helps you use different forms of proof and overcome objections to build a convincing case for your offers, ensuring your audience is persuaded by the credibility and logic of your message.

Closing Strategies Module: Sealing the Deal

Master the techniques for confidently closing your copy. From presenting prices to ethically employing scarcity tactics, this module ensures a seamless journey for your prospects to become customers, making the final decision to purchase an easy one.

Your Gateway to Masterful Persuasion

Derek Johanson’s CopyHour transcends traditional copywriting courses by offering a unique, action-oriented approach to learning. It promises not just an education in writing but a profound mastery of persuasion. By the end of the 90 days, you will possess the technical skills to craft compelling copy and the strategic insight to create narratives that drive sales and resonate deeply with your target audience.

Enroll in CopyHour Today

Join Derek Johanson’s CopyHour to start your transformative journey toward becoming a copywriting master, capable of wielding words to create compelling narratives that effortlessly convert readers into customers.

What You Get

Six Modules Delivered Daily Over 90 Days:

  1. Research: Learn to gather essential information and apply it effectively to different types of copywriting projects, utilizing AI to enhance your research capabilities.
  2. The Offer: Understand how to craft offers that resonate deeply with your audience by effectively communicating benefits over features.
  3. Headlines & Leads: Discover the techniques to write headlines that grab attention and leads that draw readers into your message.
  4. Sales Arguments: Build convincing sales arguments that incorporate proof and effectively address objections.
  5. The Close: Master the final steps to seal the deal, ensuring your prospects are converted into loyal customers.

Additional Resources:

  • Private Facebook Community: Engage with a community of fellow students, offering support, accountability, and shared learning experiences.
  • Infamous Dropbox Swipe File: Access a vast collection of proven sales copy to inspire and guide your own writing.
  • Pro Copywriter Interviews: Gain insights from candid conversations with successful copywriters, providing valuable tips and strategies

Conclusion: Transform Your Copywriting Journey

Embarking on Derek Johanson’s CopyHour marks the beginning of a new chapter in your professional development. This course is a comprehensive blueprint for anyone committed to mastering the art and science of copywriting. With its distinctive approach to education and emphasis on practical application, CopyHour ensures that you emerge as a masterful copywriter, ready to produce work that converts, persuades, and captivates.

Enroll in Derek Johanson’s CopyHour today and unlock the full potential of your copywriting skills. Transform your ability to create persuasive, high-converting sales copy that stands out in a competitive market.

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