Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course 2023

Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course 2023

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BowtiedCocoon – Zero to $100k: Landing Any Tech Sales Role

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Unlock your potential in tech sales with BowtiedCocoon’s comprehensive guide. Learn proven strategies to land high-paying tech sales roles, master prospecting, craft winning resumes, and ace interviews. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

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BowtiedCocoon – Zero to $100k: Landing Any Tech Sales Role Content Proof:


BowtiedCocoon – Zero to $100k: Landing Any Tech Sales Role

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on landing a lucrative tech sales role with BowtiedCocoon. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this guide will equip you with the strategies and tools needed to succeed in the competitive world of tech sales.

Genesis: The Secret Sales Formula

At BowtiedCocoon, we believe in a proven formula for success in tech sales. This section will unveil the foundational principles that have helped countless individuals secure high-paying roles in hypergrowth organizations.

PART I – The Garden Of Eden: Building A Lead List Of Hypergrowth Sales Organization

Step into the realm of hypergrowth sales organizations with our detailed guide on building a targeted lead list.

Step 0 – Prospecting Guidelines

Learn the essential guidelines for effective prospecting in the tech sales industry.

Step 1 – The Platter of Gold: Top 300 Sales Organizations by Role & Salaries

Discover the top sales organizations categorized by role and expected compensation.

Step 2 – Obtain Referrals at Hypergrowth Organizations (Cold & Hot Leads)

Master the art of obtaining referrals from both cold and warm leads in hypergrowth environments.

Step 3 – Referral meeting booked, now what??

Guidelines on what to do after booking a crucial referral meeting.


Unlock exclusive downloads to enhance your prospecting efforts and gain insights into hypergrowth organizations.

Your Application Tracking System

Optimize your job application process with our recommended tracking system.

PART II – Tech Sales Resume Writing (CV + Cover Letter)

Craft compelling resumes and cover letters tailored specifically for tech sales roles.

Basic Rules

Understand the fundamental rules of writing an effective tech sales resume.

The Secret 8 Frames to Supercharge Conversion

Discover the eight essential frames that will significantly boost your resume’s conversion rate.

Top 15 Most Converting CVs & Cover Letters (Before & After)

Real-life examples of CVs and cover letters that transformed applicants’ careers.


Access the top converting CVs and cover letters for inspiration and practical guidance.

PART III – The 6-Step Chad Method To Nailing The Interview Like The Top 1% (And Get The Job 99% Of The Time)

Uncover the exclusive 6-step method to ace tech sales interviews with confidence.

Revealing the Matrix Behind the Interview Process

Gain insights into the hidden dynamics of tech sales interviews.

Exposing Hard Truths About Sales Hiring Managers

Learn what hiring managers look for and how to stand out in the hiring process.

The 6-Step Chad Method to Nailing the Interview (and get the job 99% of the time)

Detailed steps to prepare for and excel in tech sales interviews.

Part 1: Territory Plan (1-pager)

Create a strategic territory plan to impress potential employers.

Part 2: Sourcing a Lead List Of Potential Accounts

Effective strategies for sourcing and managing potential accounts.

Part 3: Breaking into Accounts & Booking a Meeting

Proven techniques to break into accounts and secure crucial meetings.

Part 4: Qualifying & Pitching Prospects (Pitch Script & Mock Up Call)

Craft persuasive pitch scripts and mock calls to win over prospects.

Part 5: Bringing Everything Together – Automation & The Ultimate Email Sequence: Get New F500 Interviews in Your Sleep

Harness the power of automation to streamline your job search and secure interviews effortlessly.

Part 6: Hack Final Interview Round with Sales Leadership (VP & Director)

Insider tips to excel in final interviews with sales leadership.


Access cheat sheets, templates, and scripts to navigate tech sales interviews successfully.


Additional resources and tools to further enhance your tech sales career.

Sales Language 101

Essential language and terminology every tech sales professional should master.

SDR & SMB AE Interview Assessment Case from a F500 company (with solution)

Real-world case studies and solutions to sharpen your interview skills.

The Quick and Dirty Math of a $100,000 US Token Sales Job

Insights into the financial aspects of high-paying tech sales roles.

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