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Ben Adkins – The $10 Day Local Ad System

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Discover Ben Adkins’ revolutionary “$10 Day Local Ad System,” empowering agencies with a cost-effective strategy to attract clients through targeted Facebook advertising. Learn to create compelling ad campaigns on a minimal daily budget, ensuring maximum ROI for your agency clients.

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Ben Adkins – The $10 Day Local Ad System: A Comprehensive Review

In this article, we delve deep into Ben Adkins’ innovative “$10 Day Local Ad System,” aiming to provide a detailed overview and analysis of its components, benefits, and practical applications. This comprehensive review will equip you with the insights needed to understand and implement this system effectively for your agency clients.

Understanding the “$10 Day Local Ad System”

At its core, the “$10 Day Local Ad System” by Ben Adkins is designed to empower agencies with a cost-effective method to acquire new customers through targeted Facebook advertising. This system operates on the principle of leveraging minimal daily ad spend ($10/day) to achieve significant results in local markets. It consists of several distinct parts, each contributing to its overall effectiveness:

Part 1: “$10/Day Local Ad System” from 10k Feet

The system begins with a holistic overview, providing a clear understanding of its mechanics and how it can benefit agency clients. This section not only outlines the operational framework but also highlights its potential to attract new business opportunities for agencies themselves.

Part 2: Finding the Perfect “$10/Day Ad Clients”

Critical to the system’s success is identifying and targeting businesses willing to invest in digital advertising. This part details strategies for locating ideal clients who are prepared to commit to monthly expenditures exceeding $1000, inclusive of ad costs.

Part 3: The “$10/Day Local Ad Creative” Revealed

Central to the effectiveness of the system is the composition of compelling ad creatives. This segment reveals the strategic development of ad copy and imagery, essential for driving engagement and conversions within local markets.

Part 4: Setting Up “$10/Day Ads” on Facebook

This section simplifies the technical process of creating and launching “$10/day” ads using Facebook’s advertising tools. It emphasizes a step-by-step guide that eliminates the need for extensive technical expertise, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Part 5: Closing 5 Local FB Ad Clients in 30 Days

An actionable plan is provided for agencies to secure five new local ad clients within a month, each committing to ongoing monthly expenditures. This strategy ensures sustained growth and profitability for agencies utilizing the “$10 Day Local Ad System.”

Additional Resources and Bonuses

To further enhance implementation and results, Ben Adkins includes several supplementary resources:

Bonus #1: The “Ad Creative” Fill in the Blank Questionnaire

Facilitating ease of use, this bonus provides a structured template for creating compelling ad content tailored to each client’s needs, based on proven testimonial structures.

Bonus #2: The “$10/Day Local Ad Creative” Canva Template

Streamlining the ad creation process, this template allows agencies to quickly generate eye-catching ad visuals, significantly reducing production time to under five minutes per client.

Bonus #3: Landing Page Template for Maximum Conversions

Included is a landing page template optimized for high conversion rates, ensuring that ad campaigns lead to actual sales rather than mere clicks. This template is instrumental in maximizing the ROI of each advertising dollar spent.

Bonus #4: Utilizing the “$10/Day Ad Strategy” for Agency Growth

Ben Adkins also outlines how agencies can employ the same ad strategies to promote their own services effectively, fostering continuous business expansion akin to that provided to their clients.


In conclusion, Ben Adkins’ “$10 Day Local Ad System” offers a compelling solution for agencies seeking to capitalize on targeted local advertising. By leveraging minimal daily ad expenditures and strategic creative frameworks, agencies can not only attract new clients effectively but also optimize their own growth potential. This comprehensive review has provided an in-depth exploration of the system’s components and bonuses, equipping agencies with the knowledge needed to implement and excel in digital advertising for local markets.

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